TikTok Branded Mission

TikTok has become a powerhouse platform where diverse communities come together to seek inspiration, discover new ideas, products, and experiences.

At the heart of this vibrant community are creators who represent a new generation of storytellers, pushing the boundaries of entertainment and shaping culture.

The art of storytelling has brought TikTok communities closer, and this presents a valuable opportunity for brands and creators to collaborate and co-create engaging content.

Recognizing the potential of this two-way engagement, TikTok launched "Branded Mission," an industry-first ad solution that allows advertisers to crowdsource authentic content from creators, transform top-performing videos into ads, and enhance brand affinity with media impressions.

TikTok Branded Mission

  • Unleashing the Power of Co-Creation - Successful brands on TikTok understand the importance of listening to and engaging with the TikTok community. TikTok's Branded Mission takes this concept to the next level by bringing brands closer to the community and empowering creators to play an active role in brand campaigns. By participating in a Branded Mission, creators have the opportunity to contribute their creativity while brands gain access to the most relatable and authentic brand stories.
  • Engaging the Community in Branded Campaigns - Brands can now develop a brief for a Branded Mission and release it to the creator community. Creators can then choose to participate in the Mission that inspires them. This approach ensures that the content created aligns with the creators' passion and style, resulting in genuine and compelling branded content.
  • Authenticity Meets Amplification - In the world of Branded Mission, TikTok creators hold the reins of creativity, culture, and entertainment. They have the freedom to choose the Missions they resonate with, allowing them to tell brand stories in the most authentic way possible. The best-performing original creative videos are selected by the brands and amplified through promoted ad traffic.
  • Discovering a Diverse Ecosystem of Creators - Brands now have the opportunity to explore a diverse ecosystem of creative and talented creators on TikTok. Creators with at least 18 years of age and over 1,000 followers are eligible to participate in TikTok's Branded Missions. This opens doors for both emerging and established creators to showcase their creativity and gain recognition.
  • Empowering Creators with Rewards - TikTok is all about real-world opportunities, and with Branded Mission, creators can benefit from cash payments and boosted traffic if brands select their videos as ads. On each Branded Mission page, creators can view the potential earning opportunity before participating. TikTok is committed to rewarding creators and continues to learn from their experiences to evolve and enhance products for the community.
  • Embracing the Power of Co-Creation - Branded Mission on TikTok opens a new chapter in the world of branded content by fostering genuine collaboration between brands and creators. By involving the community in storytelling, brands can create authentic and relatable content that resonates with users. As creators take center stage in shaping culture and entertainment, TikTok's Branded Mission empowers them and provides a valuable experience for the entire TikTok community.

In conclusion, TikTok's Branded Mission sets a new precedent for authentic and impactful brand and creator collaborations.

By embracing the power of co-creation, brands can tap into the creativity of the TikTok community, elevate their brand stories, and create a lasting impression on their target audience.

As TikTok continues to evolve and innovate, Tik Tok Branded Missions promises to be a powerful tool for advertisers looking to make a mark in the dynamic world of social media marketing.

How Does TikTok Branded Mission Work?

How Does TikTok Branded Mission Work

TikTok Branded Mission operates on a simple yet powerful concept of co-creation, enabling brands to harness the creative potential of the TikTok community.

Let's take a closer look at how this industry-first advertising solution works:

Step 1: Advertiser Sets the Requirements

The process begins with advertisers defining the requirements for a Branded Mission. This includes the objectives, creative guidelines, and key messaging they want to convey to their target audience. 

Brands can develop a compelling brief that serves as the foundation for the campaign.

Step 2: Creators Choose to Participate

Once the Branded Mission is launched, TikTok creators can participate in campaigns that inspire them. 

Creators are free to develop and submit videos that align with the campaign's requirements and creative guidelines. 

This participatory approach ensures the content generated is authentic, engaging, and relatable to the TikTok community.

Step 3: Top-Performing Videos Shortlisted

As the Branded Mission gains traction, the platform's algorithms identify and highlight the top-performing videos. 

These videos are shortlisted based on their performance, user engagement, and adherence to the campaign's objectives. 

The shortlisting process is designed to identify the most relevant and impactful content that resonates with the brand's messaging.

Step 4: Brands Select the Most Brand-Relevant Video

The shortlisted videos are presented to the advertiser, who has the exciting task of selecting the most brand-relevant video from the pool.

Brands can review the content, gauge its alignment with their brand identity, and choose the video that best represents their message and values.

This selected video becomes the focal point of the media campaign.

Step 5: Boosted Ad Traffic and Cash Payment

The chosen video is amplified through boosted ad traffic as an In-Feed Ad, ensuring maximum visibility and reach to the target audience. 

TikTok ensures the ad is seamlessly integrated into users' feeds, offering an organic and engaging experience.

Additionally, eligible creators whose videos are selected as part of the Branded Mission are rewarded with a cash payment from TikTok. This rewards and acknowledges the creativity and effort of the participating creators.

Benefits of TikTok's Branded Mission

Benefits of TikToks Branded Mission

  • Creator Empowerment: Branded Mission empowers creators to play an active role in shaping branded content. By allowing them to participate in campaigns that resonate with their creativity and interests, TikTok fosters a sense of ownership and authenticity among creators.
  • Authentic Storytelling: With creators contributing to the campaign, Branded Mission ensures that the storytelling remains genuine and aligned with the platform's ethos. This authenticity drives stronger connections between brands and their audience.
  • Discovering Diverse Creators: Brands benefit from the opportunity to discover and partner with a diverse ecosystem of talented creators. By collaborating with emerging and established creators, brands can tap into unique perspectives and cultural relevance.
  • Positive Impact on Results: Branded Mission has proven to deliver remarkable results for brands, including increased brand familiarity, purchase intent, and awareness. The engagement and growth experienced by creators participating in Branded Mission further demonstrate its impact.

Hear from ASOS: A Win-Win Collaboration

One success story comes from ASOS, who utilized Branded Mission for the #ASOSAlterEgo challenge. The campaign saw creators unleash their creativity, resulting in incredible transformations.

Branded Mission allowed ASOS to recognize the exceptional talent of creators and reward them with increased exposure and engagement—an unprecedented opportunity in social media advertising.

Case Study: Bomb Pop's Resounding Success

Another compelling case study involves Bomb Pop, which harnessed Branded Mission to achieve outstanding results.

The campaign led to a remarkable 10.5% lift in awareness, a staggering 37.4 million impressions, and an impressive 11% engagement rate.

Such remarkable outcomes reinforce the potential of Branded Mission in driving meaningful and impactful advertising campaigns.


What is TikTok's Branded Mission?

TikTok Branded Mission is an industry-first ad solution that allows advertisers to crowdsource authentic content from TikTok creators, transform top-performing videos into ads, and boost brand affinity with media impressions.

How does Branded Mission engage the TikTok community?

Branded Mission enables brands to develop campaign briefs that inspire creators to participate. Creators have the freedom to create content aligned with their passion and style, fostering authenticity and relatability.

How does Branded Mission benefit brands and creators?

Branded Mission empowers creators to co-create content, while brands gain access to genuine and engaging brand stories. Eligible creators selected by brands receive cash payments and boosted traffic, enhancing recognition and rewards.

How does TikTok shortlist top-performing videos?

TikTok's algorithms identify the most successful videos based on performance, user engagement, and campaign objectives, creating a shortlist for brands to choose the most relevant video.

What are the benefits of Branded Mission?

Branded Mission allows for authentic storytelling, discovery of diverse creators, and positive results for brands. It fosters genuine collaboration and resonates with the TikTok community.

What are some success stories of Branded Mission campaigns?

ASOS experienced exceptional transformations with the #ASOSAlterEgo challenge, while Bomb Pop achieved remarkable results with a 10.5% lift in awareness, 37.4 million impressions, and an 11% engagement rate.

How does Branded Mission enhance brand and creator collaboration?

Branded Mission involves creators in the storytelling process, fostering meaningful collaboration. Creators contribute their creativity, while brands gain authentic and relatable content that connects with users.

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