Utility App Download TikTok Case Study Overview

Utility App Download TikTok Case Study Data


A utility app from the METAP region wants to grow their brand awareness using TikTok and acquire users. They primarily considered TikTok for brand awareness.

We insisted on exploring performance marketing on TikTok with installs being the main KPI.


Set up the new campaigns with fresh creatives at scale. Optimized the campaign with LCB and Manual Bidding applying hashtag-specific and 1st party audience.

Impact Delivered:

  • 750K+ Installs in 60 Days
  • <$1 Cost Per Install 
  • 2.7X Increase User Engagement

Saeed Shaik
Saeed Shaik

Skilled in Ecommerce Strategy, TikTok Ads, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Facebook Ads, Social Media Marketing and DoubleClick. A strategic leader who built high performance teams grounds up generating multi-million dollar revenue streams in several startups.

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