As the year 2023 nears its end, TikTok remains a vibrant platform for travel enthusiasts, showcasing destinations, experiences, and holiday vibes from around the world.

The platform's short-form content format is perfect for sharing quick travel tips, stunning locations, and memorable experiences.

In December 2023, a diverse range of travel-related hashtags are trending on TikTok, reflecting the varied interests of travelers.

From family vacations to adventurous expeditions, here’s a detailed overview of the top 20 travel hashtags trending on TikTok in December in the USA:

Posts: 148K
Views: 998M

Trend: General holiday travel and destinations.

Posts: 108K
Views: 690M

Trend: Celebrating the holiday season through travel.

Posts: 63K
Views: 362M

Trend: Family vacations and quality time spent traveling.

Posts: 51K
Views: 316M

Trend: Adventure travel and exciting expeditions.

Posts: 37K
Views: 445M

Trend: Experiences and tips for visiting Disneyland.

Posts: 23K
Views: 244M

Trend: Special holiday-themed content on TikTok.

Posts: 12K
Views: 93M

Trend: Capturing the essence of holiday spirit during travels.

Posts: 10K
Views: 59M

Trend: Traveling to snowy and winter-themed destinations.

Posts: 9K
Views: 45M

Trend: Celebrating Christmas at Disney locations.

Posts: 10K
Views: 65M

Trend: Romantic honeymoon destinations and ideas.

Posts: 6K
Views: 64M

Trend: Spanish-language travel content.

Posts: 5K
Views: 59M

Trend: Experiences on Royal Caribbean cruises.

Posts: 6K
Views: 21M

Trend: Insights and stories from travelers.

Posts: 4K
Views: 46M

Trend: Visiting Universal Studios and related adventures.

Posts: 2K
Views: 69M

Trend: The iconic New York City destination during holidays.

Posts: 2K
Views: 52M

Trend: Experiencing Christmas in New York City.

Posts: 3K
Views: 31M

Trend: Highlights from Disneyland in California.

Posts: 2K
Views: 53M

Trend: Disney-themed travel wishes and experiences.

Posts: 2K
Views: 45M

Trend: Visits and experiences at Chuck E. Cheese locations.

Posts: 3K
Views: 45M

Trend: Resort vacations and luxury travel experiences.


Why are travel hashtags trending on TikTok?

Travel hashtags are trending on TikTok because the platform allows users to share their travel experiences in an engaging and visually appealing manner.

This resonates with a broad audience looking for travel inspiration, tips, and ideas.

How do these travel hashtags influence tourism?

These travel hashtags can greatly influence tourism by highlighting destinations, sharing unique travel experiences, and making lesser-known places more popular.

They can drive interest in specific locations and travel styles.

Do travel agencies and tourism boards use TikTok?

Yes, many travel agencies and tourism boards use TikTok to promote destinations and travel packages.

They create content that showcases the beauty and uniqueness of their locations to attract travelers.

Can TikTok be a reliable source for travel planning?

TikTok can be a helpful source for travel planning, offering real-life insights and tips.

However, it's important to cross-check information and consider multiple sources for comprehensive travel planning.

Are there professional travel influencers on TikTok?

Yes, there are professional travel influencers on TikTok who share their journeys, provide travel tips, and collaborate with travel brands to bring diverse content to their followers.

How does TikTok handle content moderation for travel videos?

TikTok has community guidelines and content moderation policies to ensure travel videos are appropriate and do not promote unsafe or harmful behavior.

Do travel hashtags on TikTok cater to all types of travelers?

Travel hashtags on TikTok cater to a wide range of travelers, including budget backpackers, luxury travelers, adventure enthusiasts, and cultural explorers, offering diverse content for various interests.

Is TikTok changing the way people share their travel experiences?

Yes, TikTok is changing how people share their travel experiences by encouraging more creative, concise, and visually engaging storytelling, making travel sharing more accessible and widespread.

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