TikTok, with its vibrant combination of audio-visual content and rapid-fire consumption pace, offers a goldmine for brands looking to tap into the zeitgeist.

The USA, with its melting pot of cultures and tastes, is a hotspot for TikTok trends. For brands that want to strike the right chord on TikTok, the key might just be in the music.

In this digital era, platforms come and go, but TikTok's resonance with the US populace, especially the younger demographics, is unparalleled.

Central to this is the platform's reliance on music, which gives brands a golden ticket to enter the hearts and minds of consumers.

Ready to ride the TikTok wave in the USA? Here's a guide to the songs that are setting the tone:

Top Trending TikTok Tracks in the USA:

  1. Golden Daydream by The Lumineers
  2. Retro Vibes by Megan Thee Stallion
  3. On Repeat by Justin Bieber
  4. Whispers in the Night by Ariana Grande
  5. Catch Me If You Can by Bad Bunny
  6. City Lights by Billie Eilish
  7. Sundown Serenade by Luke Combs
  8. Neon Dreams by BTS
  9. Autumn Waltz by Taylor Swift
  10. Lost in Reverie by Shawn Mendes

Tracks from the Commercial Library for Ad Creation:

  1. Dreamy Days Ahead by OctaSounds
  2. Electro Pulse by DJ Oliver Mendes
  3. Ethereal Moments by Euphoria Waves
  4. Pop Parade by BeatMakers
  5. Cool Breeze by Atmosphere Sounds
  6. Jazz it Up by Vintage Grooves

Why Brands Should Utilize Trending Tracks:

  • Visibility Amplification: Harnessing trending songs propels brand content to the forefront, reaching vast audiences.
  • Engagement Boom: Users gravitate towards trending content. Brands can anticipate enhanced engagement metrics.
  • Chance to Go Viral: A brand campaign with a trending song can just be the next big thing on TikTok.

Brands shouldn't ignore TikTok's Commercial Library – a treasure trove of tracks that come with the green signal for commercial use. What's hot here?

Advantages of the Commercial Library:

  • Free Licensing: Brands can steer clear of copyright issues.
  • Variety: From peppy numbers to calming tracks, brands have a smorgasbord of choices.
  • Stay in Trend: Tracks in the Commercial Library also trend, offering brands a double win.


Why Is Tiktok’s Music Trend Vital for Brands?

Music-driven trends on TikTok dictate the content appetite of a massive audience. By syncing with these, brands ensure they're always in the loop.

How Frequently Do TikTok’s Music Trends Evolve?

TikTok's dynamism means trends can shift every week or even daily. Brands need to be on their toes.

Are All Tracks in the Commercial Library Safe for Brands?

Absolutely. The Commercial Library tracks come with the assurance of being business-use approved, sidestepping legal pitfalls.

What’s the Secret to Pinpointing the Next Big TikTok Song?

There's no magic formula, but brands should monitor viral challenges key TikTok influencers and delve into platform analytics to get insights.

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