TikTok continues to be a dominant force in shaping beauty and personal care trends in the United States.

As we step into the final month of 2023, the platform's influence in the beauty industry is more apparent than ever.

The trending hashtags in the Beauty & Personal Care category provide a glimpse into the current preferences and styles in the American beauty scene.

From innovative haircare techniques to the latest in fragrances, TikTok is a treasure trove of beauty inspiration.

Here's a detailed look at the top 20 trending beauty and personal care hashtags for December 2023 in the USA:

Posts: 105K
Views: 68M

Trend: Tackling Hair Frizz and Humidity Challenges

Posts: 40K
Views: 476M

Trend: Professional Barbering Techniques and Styles

Posts: 37K
Views: 345M

Trend: Elf Cosmetics and Festive Makeup Looks

Posts: 19K
Views: 217M

Trend: Counting Down to Holidays with Beauty Calendars

Posts: 17K
Views: 352M

Trend: Exploring New Scents and Perfumes

Posts: 20K
Views: 110M

Trend: Sparkling Makeup and Glamorous Looks

Posts: 16K
Views: 184M

Trend: Bold and Creative Hair Coloring Techniques

Posts: 18K
Views: 139M

Trend: Dramatic Makeup Transformations

Posts: 13K
Views: 210M

Trend: Sharing Favorite Perfumes and Fragrance Tips

Posts: 7K
Views: 300M

Trend: Surreal Beauty and Makeup Artistry

Posts: 15K
Views: 90M

Trend: The Lifestyle and Art of Barbering

Posts: 11K
Views: 128M

Trend: Discovering and Reviewing Skincare Essentials

Posts: 13K
Views: 82M

Trend: Achieving Sleek and Smooth Hairstyles

Posts: 10K
Views: 111M

Trend: Favorite Bath & Body Works Products

Posts: 14K
Views: 66M

Trend: Autumn-Inspired Nail Art and Colors

Posts: 11K
Views: 160M

Trend: Fragrance Enthusiasts Sharing Their Picks

Posts: 8K
Views: 199M

Trend: Popular Men's Fragrances

Posts: 9K
Views: 123M

Trend: Setting and Achieving Hair Care Goals

Posts: 8K
Views: 129M

Trend: Perfecting Lip Color Combinations

Posts: 9K
Views: 118M

Trend: Showcasing Gifted Beauty Products


Why are beauty and personal care hashtags so influential on TikTok?

TikTok's visual and interactive format is ideal for showcasing beauty trends and personal care routines. The platform's global reach and active community make it a prime space for sharing and discovering the latest in beauty and personal care.

Do beauty professionals and brands use these hashtags?

Yes, beauty professionals and brands frequently use these hashtags to showcase their products and services. They leverage TikTok's vast audience to increase brand visibility and engage with potential customers.

How do TikTok trends impact consumer behavior in the beauty industry?

Trends on TikTok often lead to increased demand for certain products or services featured in popular posts. Products that go viral on the platform can see a significant spike in sales, demonstrating TikTok's powerful influence on consumer choices.

Have any beauty influencers from TikTok crossed over to other media?

Numerous TikTok beauty influencers have gained wider recognition, leading to opportunities beyond the platform. Many have collaborated with major brands, appeared in media interviews, and even launched their own beauty lines.

Are DIY beauty trends popular on TikTok?

DIY beauty trends are extremely popular on TikTok, with users often sharing homemade skincare routines, makeup hacks, and personal care tips. These trends cater to a wide audience looking for cost-effective and personalized beauty solutions.

How does TikTok cater to diverse beauty standards?

TikTok showcases a wide range of beauty standards and encourages inclusivity. The platform is known for its diverse community, where users from different backgrounds share their unique beauty and personal care practices.

Can TikTok beauty trends influence sustainable practices?

Yes, TikTok has the power to promote sustainable beauty practices. Many users and brands focus on eco-friendly products and ethical beauty routines, influencing viewers to adopt more environmentally conscious habits.

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