October 2023 has seen a vibrant array of travel-related hashtags trending on TikTok in the United States. These hashtags not only highlight popular destinations and activities but also reflect the seasonal interests and travel trends among TikTok users. Here’s a detailed overview of the top 20 travel-related hashtags for October 2023, each illustrating a unique aspect of travel and exploration.

Top 20 Travel Hashtags

  • #holiday

Posts: 58K

Views: 416M

Trend: General content focusing on holiday destinations and experiences.

  • #holidays

Posts: 37K

Views: 268M

Trend: Similar to #holiday, showcasing various holiday travels.

  • #pumpkinpatch

Posts: 29K

Views: 105M

Trend: Visits to pumpkin patches, a popular fall activity.

  • #manhattan

Posts: 20K

Views: 157M

Trend: Exploring Manhattan and its many attractions.

  • #universalstudios

Posts: 11K

Views: 153M

Trend: Experiences and attractions at Universal Studios.

  • #solotravel

Posts: 12K

Views: 138M

Trend: Adventures and tips from solo travelers.

  • #holidaytiktok

Posts: 9K

Views: 100M

Trend: A variety of holiday-themed travel content.

  • #sunsetlover

Posts: 12K

Views: 25M

Trend: Capturing stunning sunsets around the world.

  • #halloweenfun

Posts: 11K

Views: 24M

Trend: Halloween-themed travel experiences.

  • #oogieboogie

Posts: 7K

Views: 39M

Trend: Content related to Halloween events, possibly at Disney parks.

  • #fallactivities

Posts: 6K

Views: 30M

Trend: Various autumn activities popular in travel.

  • #statefair

Posts: 4K

Views: 65M

Trend: Experiences at various state fairs.

  • #sixflags

Posts: 4K

Views: 55M

Trend: Visits and rides at Six Flags amusement parks.

  • #disneychristmas

Posts: 5K

Views: 27M

Trend: Early holiday celebrations at Disney parks.

  • #iceland

Posts: 5K

Views: 42M

Trend: Travel experiences in Iceland.

  • #fallfoliage

Posts: 6K

Views: 14M

Trend: Capturing the beauty of autumn leaves.

  • #winterwonderland

Posts: 4K

Views: 33M

Trend: Early winter travel destinations and experiences.

  • #fallfestival

Posts: 5K

Views: 12M

Trend: Various fall festivals around the country.

  • #castle

Posts: 4K

Views: 26M

Trend: Visiting castles and historical sites.

  • #cornmaze

Posts: 4K

Views: 14M

Trend: Navigating corn mazes, a popular fall activity.


Q1: How do travel trends on TikTok influence tourist behaviors?

A1: Travel trends on TikTok significantly influence tourist behaviors by highlighting popular destinations, activities, and travel tips, often leading to increased interest and visitation to these highlighted locations.

Q2: Are travel influencers and local businesses active under these hashtags?

A2: Yes, travel influencers and local businesses are very active under these hashtags, using the platform to promote destinations, share experiences, and connect with potential tourists.

Q3: How significant is TikTok in promoting seasonal travel activities like #pumpkinpatch and #fallfoliage?

A3: TikTok plays a crucial role in promoting seasonal travel activities. Hashtags like #pumpkinpatch and #fallfoliage help popularize these activities, attracting visitors and boosting local tourism.

Q4: Can TikTok travel trends lead to the discovery of lesser-known destinations?

A4: Absolutely. TikTok travel trends can lead to the discovery of lesser-known destinations as users share unique and off-the-beaten-path travel experiences.

Q5: How do travel hashtags cater to diverse travel interests, such as #solotravel and #familyholiday?

A5: Travel hashtags on TikTok cater to diverse interests by providing content specific to different types of travel, whether it’s solo adventures with #solotravel or family-oriented experiences with #familyholiday, ensuring there’s something for every kind of traveler.

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