October 2023 has been an exciting month for the gaming community on TikTok in the United States. A mix of classic franchises, emerging titles, and gaming culture has dominated the platform, with several hashtags gaining significant traction. 

Here’s an overview of the top 20 gaming-related hashtags, providing insights into gamers' current trends and interests on TikTok.

Top 20 Gaming Hashtags

  • #disney100

Posts: 428K
Views: 2B

Trend: Celebrating 100 years of Disney with related games and content.

  • #fortnite

Posts: 556K
Views: 6B

Trend: Content focused on the popular battle royale game Fortnite.

  • #fnaf

Posts: 564K
Views: 6B

Trend: Posts about the horror game series Five Nights at Freddy’s.

  • #disney

Posts: 365K
Views: 3B

Trend: General content related to Disney games and characters.

  • #gyat

Posts: 303K
Views: 884M

Trend: A trending game or gaming concept (specific meaning not provided).

  • #fnafmovie

Posts: 283K
Views: 3B

Trend: Excitement and content related to the Five Nights at Freddy’s movie.

  • #insane

Posts: 124K
Views: 716M

Trend: Incredible or ‘insane’ gaming moments and achievements.

  • #megumi

Posts: 112K
Views: 328M

Trend: Likely related to a character or concept in a popular game.

  • #fortniteclips

Posts: 169K
Views: 2B

Trend: Clips from Fortnite gameplay showcasing skills, wins, and funny moments.

  • #jjk

Posts: 135K
Views: 1B

Trend: Content related to a game or gaming culture involving ‘jjk’ (specific meaning not provided).

  • #soccercomp

Posts: 101K
Views: 192M

Trend: Soccer-related competitions or content in gaming.

  • #rizzler

Posts: 40K
Views: 715M

Trend: A specific game or gaming trend (exact context not provided).

  • #fivenightsatfreddy

Posts: 108K
Views: 2B

Trend: Content about Five Nights at Freddy's.

  • #fortnitefunny

Posts: 45K
Views: 420M

Trend: Funny and entertaining moments from Fortnite gameplay.

  • #fivenightsatfreddys

Posts: 88K
Views: 2B

Trend: More content focused on the Five Nights at Freddy's series.

  • #spiderman2

Posts: 87K
Views: 904M

Trend: Anticipation and content related to the Spider-Man 2 game.

  • #318

Posts: 86K
Views: 183M

Trend: A specific gaming trend or challenge (exact context not provided).

  • #pineville

Posts: 68K
Views: 170M

Trend: Content related to a game or gaming concept called Pineville.

  • #sukuna

Posts: 37K
Views: 338M

Trend: Likely related to a character or concept in a game.

  • #brookemonk

Posts: 112K
Views: 91M

Trend: Content related to the gamer or personality of Brooke Monk.


Q1: How do gaming trends on TikTok influence the gaming industry?

A1: TikTok gaming trends significantly influence the gaming industry by shaping player interests, promoting games, and creating viral moments that can increase game sales and player engagement.

Q2: Are professional gamers and game developers active under these hashtags?

A2: Yes, professional gamers and game developers are active under these hashtags, using the platform to showcase gameplay, share development updates, and engage with the gaming community.

Q3: How does TikTok contribute to the popularity of games like Fortnite and FNAF?

A3: TikTok contributes to the popularity of games like Fortnite and FNAF by providing a platform for sharing engaging content, gameplay tips, and community discussions, which helps maintain and grow the games' player bases.

Q4: Can TikTok gaming trends predict the success of upcoming games like #spiderman2?

A4: TikTok gaming trends can often predict the success of upcoming games by generating pre-release hype and gauging community interest, as seen with hashtags like #spiderman2.

Q5: Are there educational aspects in gaming trends on TikTok?

A5: Yes, some gaming trends on TikTok have educational aspects, offering tutorials, strategy discussions, and insights into game development and design.

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