TikTok has become a vital platform for the beauty and personal care industry, especially in the United States. As we delve into October, the trending hashtags in this sector reveal the current favorites and emerging trends. Here's an overview of TikTok's top beauty and personal care hashtags, each with a brief insight into its trend.

  • #halloweenmakeup

Posts: 78K

Views: 786M

Trend: Festive and creative makeup looks for Halloween.

  • #frizz

Posts: 119K

Views: 42M

Trend: Solutions and products for managing hair frizz.

  • #satisfyingvideo

Posts: 36K

Views: 706M

Trend: Pleasing beauty routines and product applications.

  • #longhair

Posts: 270K

Views: 279M

Trend: Celebrating and caring for long hair.

  • #haircare

Posts: 21K

Views: 381M

Trend: Tips and products for healthy hair maintenance.

  • #halloweennails

Posts: 30K

Views: 79M

Trend: Nail art inspired by Halloween themes.

  • #mask

Posts: 22K

Views: 167M

Trend: Focus on facial masks for skincare.

  • #elf

Posts: 16K

Views: 183M

Trend: Products and looks from the brand e.l.f. Cosmetics.

  • #fragrance

Posts: 15K

Views: 264M

Trend: The latest trends in perfumes and scents.

  • #lips

Posts: 13K

Views: 147M

Trend: Lip makeup styles and products.

  • #healthyhair

Posts: 14K

Views: 172M

Trend: Strategies for maintaining hair health and vitality.

  • #fallnails

Posts: 16K

Views: 80M

Trend: Nail designs celebrating autumn aesthetics.

  • #sephorasale

Posts: 11K

Views: 132M

Trend: Deals and finds from the Sephora sale.

  • #silkpress

Posts: 13K

Views: 71M

Trend: Techniques for achieving silky, straight hair.

  • #fragrancetiktok

Posts: 10K

Views: 118M

Trend: Discussions and reviews of fragrances.

  • #cologne

Posts: 7K

Views: 152M

Trend: Focus on men's fragrances and colognes.

  • #allnatural

Posts: 9K

Views: 102M

Trend: Emphasis on natural beauty products and routines.

  • #makeupaddict

Posts: 665K

Views: 8M

Trend: Sharing a passion for makeup and beauty products.

  • #lipcombo

Posts: 7K

Views: 103M

Trend: Creative combinations of lip makeup products.

  • #blowout

Posts: 7K

Views: 101M

Trend: Techniques for achieving voluminous, styled hair.

These hashtags not only reflect the current beauty trends but also guide consumers and creators in exploring and expressing their personal style through makeup, skincare, and haircare. Whether it's embracing the Halloween spirit with #halloweenmakeup or discovering new haircare tips under #haircare, TikTok remains a dynamic platform for beauty enthusiasts.


Q1: How do TikTok beauty trends influence consumer behavior?

A1: TikTok beauty trends greatly influence consumer buying patterns. Products and styles that gain popularity on the platform often see a surge in sales, as users are eager to try out the trending looks and products they see.

Q2: Are beauty professionals active on TikTok?

A2: Yes, many beauty professionals, including makeup artists, hairstylists, and skincare experts, are active on TikTok. They use the platform to showcase their work, share tips, and engage with a broader audience.

Q3: How significant is TikTok for new beauty product launches?

A3: TikTok is crucial for new beauty product launches. Brands often use the platform to introduce new products, leveraging its viral nature to generate buzz and excitement.

Q4: Can TikTok beauty trends lead to long-term industry changes?

A4: Absolutely. Some TikTok beauty trends have led to long-term changes in the industry, influencing product development, marketing strategies, and even shaping beauty standards.

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