In October 2023, TikTok's automotive and transportation sector in the United States saw a diverse array of trending hashtags. These hashtags capture the latest trends, preferences, and innovations in vehicles and transportation. Here is a detailed overview of the top 20 auto and transportation-related hashtags for October 2023, illustrating various interests from vehicle enthusiasts to general transportation trends.

Top 20 Auto and Transportation Hashtags

  • #ninja

Posts: 20K

Views: 270M

Trend: General content focusing on vehicles and transportation.

  • #mini

Posts: 11K

Views: 133M

Trend: Showcasing content related to compact and mini vehicles.

  • #bubbatruck🌾

Posts: 17K

Views: 56M

Trend: Featuring rugged trucks and off-road vehicles.

  • #bmwmotorsport

Posts: 11K

Views: 73M

Trend: Content about BMW's motorsport vehicles and related events.

  • #beast

Posts: 13K

Views: 84M

Trend: Focusing on powerful and high-performance vehicles.

  • #trunkortreat

Posts: 13K

Views: 44M

Trend: Highlighting vehicle-based Halloween celebrations.

  • #бмв (BMW)

Posts: 10K

Views: 62M

Trend: Dedicated to BMW vehicles and their enthusiasts.

  • #sema

Posts: 8K

Views: 85M

Trend: Related to the SEMA Show, a premier automotive specialty products trade event.

  • #мечта (Dream)

Posts: 9K

Views: 40M

Trend: Showcasing dream cars and aspirational vehicles.

  • #успех (Success)

Posts: 10K

Views: 59M

Trend: Symbolizing successful achievements, often featuring luxury cars.

  • #usnavy

Posts: 7K

Views: 90M

Trend: Focusing on naval vehicles and related content.

  • #caraccident

Posts: 5K

Views: 111M

Trend: Sharing experiences and lessons from car accidents.

  • #usmilitary

Posts: 6K

Views: 97M

Trend: Featuring military vehicles and transportation methods.

  • #bmwlife

Posts: 6K

Views: 45M

Trend: Lifestyle content centered around BMW owners and enthusiasts.

  • #carros (Cars)

Posts: 5K

Views: 70M

Trend: General content about cars and the automotive lifestyle.

  • #porsche911

Posts: 6K

Views: 49M

Trend: Dedicated to the iconic Porsche 911 and its fanbase.

  • #denali

Posts: 6K

Views: 44M

Trend: Focused on GMC's Denali line of luxury vehicles.

  • #huracan

Posts: 4K

Views: 131M

Trend: Highlighting the Lamborghini Huracan and its high-performance features.

  • #harvest2023

Posts: 4K

Views: 25M

Trend: Showcasing agricultural vehicles and harvest season activities.

  • #sold

Posts: 6K

Views: 32M

Trend: Related to the sale and purchase of vehicles.


Q1: How do automotive trends on TikTok influence consumer preferences?

A1: Automotive trends on TikTok significantly influence consumer preferences by highlighting popular models, features, and automotive lifestyles, often leading to increased interest in these vehicles.

Q2: Are automotive brands and influencers active under these hashtags?

A2: Yes, automotive brands and influencers are very active under these hashtags, using the platform to promote their products, share experiences, and engage with car enthusiasts.

Q3: How significant is TikTok in promoting vehicle-related events like #sema?

A3: TikTok plays a crucial role in promoting vehicle-related events. Hashtags like #sema help popularize these events, attracting enthusiasts and boosting the automotive community's engagement.

Q4: Can TikTok automotive trends lead to the rediscovery of classic vehicles?

A4: Absolutely. TikTok automotive trends can lead to the rediscovery of classic vehicles as users share unique content about vintage and retro cars.

Q5: How do automotive hashtags cater to diverse interests, such as #bmwmotorsport and #trunkortreat?

A5: Automotive hashtags on TikTok cater to diverse interests by providing content specific to different aspects of car culture, whether it’s motorsports with #bmwmotorsport or festive celebrations with #trunkortreat, ensuring there's something for every kind of vehicle enthusiast.

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