TikTok continues to set the pace in the US fashion landscape. As the calendar flips to October, the platform's influence in shaping style trends is unmistakable. The latest trending hashtags in the Apparel and accessories category offer a window into what's hot and happening in American fashion.

As we embrace the heart of autumn, TikTok becomes a hub for fashion inspiration. Hashtags like #fall and #halloweencostume dominate the conversation, highlighting seasonal styles and festive preparations. Here's a closer look at the top trends ruling the TikTok fashion scene in October 2023:

  • #fall

Posts: 375K

Views: 2B

Trend: Seasonal Styles

  • #tiktokshop

Posts: 239K

Views: 5B

Trend: Shopping & Deals

  • #halloweencostume

Posts: 134K

Views: 1B

Trend: Festive Fashion

  • #costume

Posts: 121K

Views: 1B

Trend: Creative Outfits

  • #autumn

Posts: 101K

Views: 458M

Trend: Autumnal Vibes

  • #fallfashion

Posts: 90K

Views: 757M

Trend: Latest Autumn Trends

  • #gift

Posts: 168K

Views: 439M

Trend: Gifting Ideas

  • #giftideas

Posts: 57K

Views: 550M

Trend: Creative Gifting

  • #homecoming

Posts: 49K

Views: 409M

Trend: Event Fashion

  • #fallvibes

Posts: 45K

Views: 275M

Trend: Autumn Atmosphere

  • #itgirl

Posts: 37K

Views: 299M

Trend: Fashion Icons

  • #fallaesthetic

Posts: 40K

Views: 275M

Trend: Seasonal Aesthetics

  • #falloutfits

Posts: 31K

Views: 280M

Trend: Outfit Inspirations

  • #sale

Posts: 39K

Views: 224M

Trend: Bargain Shopping

  • #sweaterweather

Posts: 32K

Views: 165M

Trend: Cozy Fashion

  • #hoodie

Posts: 49K

Views: 248M

Trend: Casual Comfort

  • #gifts

Posts: 30K

Views: 162M

Trend: Present Ideas

  • #wishlist

Posts: 20K

Views: 250M

Trend: Desired Items

  • #autumnvibes

Posts: 28K

Views: 95M

Trend: Fall Feelings

  • #cozy

Posts: 23K

Views: 153M

Trend: Comfort & Warmth


Q1: Why are TikTok fashion hashtags so popular in the US?

A1: TikTok's visual format is ideal for showcasing diverse fashion styles, making it a favorite among fashion enthusiasts.

Q2: Do major fashion brands use these hashtags?

A2: Major brands often use these hashtags to connect with the TikTok audience and expand their reach.

Q3: How do TikTok trends affect retail sales?

A3: Products that go viral on TikTok often see a significant boost in sales, showing the platform's impact on consumer trends.

Q4: Have any TikTok fashion influencers gained mainstream recognition?

A4: Many TikTok influencers have gained widespread fame, partnering with big brands and appearing at major fashion events.

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