TikTok has seamlessly woven itself into the fabric of the US fashion industry. As designers craft, influencers flaunt, and followers replicate, these trending hashtags capture the essence of American style, one trend at a time.

As the season changes, so does the fashion scene, especially in a place as dynamic as the United States. The social media giant TikTok has revolutionized how trends are set, tracked, and followed.

If you're looking to stay updated with the latest in the US fashion realm, diving into the world of TikTok hashtags, particularly in the Apparel & Accessories category, is your best bet.

From seasonal transitions to upcoming fashion weeks, TikTok content creators are leading the fashion narrative.

For instance, #fall and #fallfashion are buzzing as influencers and style enthusiasts showcase their autumn-ready wardrobes.

Meanwhile, hashtags like #spookyseason and #halloweencostume hint at the preparations underway for Halloween. 

Below are the trending TikTok Hashtags for Apparel and Accessories for September 2023.

  1. #fall

Posts: 388K
Views: 2B

  1. #spookyseason

Posts: 248K
Views: 1B

  1. #tiktokshop

Posts: 181K
Views: 4B

  1. #fallfashion

Posts: 112K
Views: 710M

  1. #autumn

Posts: 105K
Views: 606M

  1. #homecoming

Posts: 72K
Views: 543M

  1. #backtoschool

Posts: 42K
Views: 1B

  1. #fallvibes

Posts: 52K
Views: 304M

  1. #fallaesthetic

Posts: 48K
Views: 326M

  1. #shop

Posts: 42K
Views: 351M

  1. #clothing

Posts: 49K
Views: 181M

  1. #watch

Posts: 56K

Views: 189M

  1. #falloutfits

Posts: 31K
Views: 274M

  1. #nyfw (New York Fashion Week)

Posts: 29K
Views: 354M

  1. #spookyszn

Posts: 29K
Views: 202M

  1. #halloweencostume

Posts: 24K
Views: 359M

  1. #lifeontiktok

Posts: 27K
Views: 347M

  1. #costume

Posts: 28K
Views: 275M

  1. #autumnvibes

Posts: 27K
Views: 136M

  1. #hoodie

Posts: 52K
Views: 233M


Q1: Why Are TikTok Fashion Hashtags Gaining So Much Traction in the US?

A: The US has a diverse fashion culture. TikTok's visual nature allows users to showcase and discover trends, making it the perfect platform for fashion enthusiasts.

Q2: Is It Common for Major Fashion Brands to Use These Trending Hashtags?

A: Absolutely! Major brands harness the power of trending hashtags to amplify their reach and resonate with the TikTok audience.

Q3: How Influential Are TikTok Fashion Trends in Shaping Retail Sales?

A: Very influential. Many retail brands have seen spikes in sales of products that go viral on TikTok, emphasizing the platform's impact on consumer behavior.

Q4: Are There TikTok Fashion Influencers Who Have Transitioned to Mainstream Fame?

A: Yes, several TikTok fashion influencers have garnered mainstream attention, bagging partnerships with renowned brands and even gracing fashion week runways.

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