The UK's travel scene is as diverse as it is captivating, offering a rich tapestry of destinations from the rustic highlands of Scotland to the bustling streets of London.

With the growing popularity of TikTok, wanderlust enthusiasts and casual holidaymakers are turning to the platform for travel inspirations, tips, and a first-hand look at some of the world's most enchanting locales.

In this post, we're exploring the top 20 TikTok travel hashtags that are captivating TikTokers in the UK.

TikTok has undeniably carved its niche in the travel sphere, with creators and viewers alike sharing and consuming content that not only fuels their wanderlust but also informs and inspires their next adventure.

Whether it's a staycation in scenic Scotland or an adrenaline-pumping day at Thorpe Park, the travel possibilities showcased on TikTok are endless and ever-enticing.

So, pack your digital suitcase and let's set off on an unforgettable journey through the TikTok travel trends of 2023.

Top 20 UK Travel Hashtags on TikTok:

Posts: 3K
Views: 14M

Trend Insight: Edinburgh captivates with its historic charm, scenic landscapes, and cultural richness, making it a top destination for TikTok travellers.

Posts: 1K
Views: 10M

Trend Insight: From awe-inspiring highlands to mythical lochs, Scotland's natural beauty and heritage are a hit on the platform.

Posts: 962
Views: 16M

Trend Insight: The "happiest place on Earth" continues to enchant with its magical attractions, shows, and timeless charm.

Posts: 2K
Views: 7M

Trend Insight: Blackpool, with its iconic seaside attractions, amusement parks, and entertainment shows, is a perennial favourite among beachgoers and fun-seekers.

Posts: 634
Views: 11M

Trend Insight: Thrill-seekers showcase their adrenaline-filled experiences at one of the UK's most popular amusement parks.

Posts: 819
Views: 6M

Trend Insight: Famous for its thrilling rides and beautiful gardens, Alton Towers continues to attract adventure enthusiasts of all ages.

Posts: 900
Views: 5M

Trend Insight: The magic of Disney extends across the channel, with users sharing their enchanting encounters and tips for this beloved theme park.

Posts: 1K
Views: 3M

Trend Insight: Scenic landscapes, breathtaking vistas, and natural wonders take centre stage in these visually stunning posts.

Posts: 567
Views: 7M

Trend Insight: From the Northern Lights to its dramatic landscapes, Iceland’s otherworldly beauty is a hot topic among travel aficionados.

Posts: 723
Views: 2M

Trend Insight: Further exploration into Edinburgh's allure, highlighting hidden gems, culinary delights, and historic sites.

Posts: 562
Views: 4M

Trend Insight: The nostalgia and excitement of funfairs capture the joy of simple pleasures, from carnival games to classic rides.

Posts: 314
Views: 3M

Trend Insight: Showcasing festive celebrations, enchanting light displays, and seasonal attractions that epitomize the holiday spirit.

Posts: 400
Views: 3M

Trend Insight: Users share the festive illuminations that light up cities and towns, bringing holiday cheer and stunning visuals.

Posts: 160
Views: 259K

Trend Insight: Celebrating a century of Disney magic, users reminisce about their favourite characters, shows, and theme park memories.

Posts: 230
Views: 8M

Trend Insight: Proving that travel doesn't have to break the bank, these TikTokers share tips, hacks, and destinations for cost-conscious explorers.

Posts: 452
Views: 2M

Trend Insight: Capturing the charm of local fairs, from rides and games to food stalls, evoking nostalgia and community spirit.

Posts: 326
Views: 3M

Trend Insight: Users document their day trips, offering insights into quick getaways and attractions that are perfect for a short escape.

Posts: 193
Views: 4M

Trend Insight: From historic landmarks to modern attractions, London's endless travel opportunities continue to fascinate.

Posts: 256
Views: 4M

Trend Insight: Expats and adventurers share their experiences of living abroad, from cultural shocks to the joys of immersive travel.

Posts: 172
Views: 2M

Trend Insight: Spotlighting the luxury cruise line, users share their high-seas adventures, onboard amenities, and exotic destinations.


How has TikTok influenced travel trends and decisions in the UK?

TikTok offers real-time, authentic content that showcases destinations in a more personal and relatable way.

It influences travel decisions by providing viewers with ideas, inspirations, and practical tips from fellow travelers.

Can travel companies leverage TikTok in their marketing strategies?

Absolutely. Travel companies can use TikTok to reach a broader audience, showcase their offerings through engaging content, and connect with travelers in a more interactive and genuine way.

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