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The short media - marketing scholarship program

The Short Media is thrilled to unveil our Global Marketing Scholarship Program! This initiative is dedicated to assisting students from diverse corners of the world who need financial backing and opportunities for leadership growth.

Scholarships will be given to outstanding students with a penchant for social media marketing, media, and digital media.

About The Short Media: Introducing The Short Media, an AI-powered TikTok marketing agency steered by accomplished ex-TikTokers. With a profound legacy of shaping TikTok's advertising panorama across various nations, their expertise stretches beyond campaign management.

Having overseen an impressive $200M in ad expenditures, they've forged alliances with prestigious brands spanning E-commerce, Gaming, and Beauty, to name a few. Their specialty?

Crafting strategies tailored for brands to not only navigate but excel in TikTok's distinctive environment.

With The Short Media, brands can bypass the experimentation stage and delve straight into measurable results, as their seasoned team offers guidance in performance marketing, brand promotions, and influencer collaborations. It's about time to redefine what 'going viral' truly means!

To qualify for this scholarship,

  • You must have finished high school and either be enrolled in or have submitted an application to a postgraduate or undergraduate program at an accredited college, university, or institution.
  • You must have completed at least one term of study in the course.
  • You should not have dropped out of college, and there must be no gap between your bachelor's and master's degree courses.
  • Maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.5 on a 4.0 scale.
  • Be a citizen of the United States, Canada, or Australia.
  • Exhibit a need for financial assistance.
  • Commit to harnessing your expertise and understanding to make a difference in your community.
  • Scholarship funds are restricted to particular expenses, including tuition fees, books, and on-campus housing and meals.

Scholarship Details:

If selected, you will benefit from:

A scholarship of $500, a digital media tool or resource, courtesy of TheShortMedia (to be specified by the company).


Ensure your submissions reach us by April 30, 2024. The recipient will be informed directly and the announcement will be made on or around May 31, 2024.

Steps to Apply for the Scholarship:

Draft a cover letter highlighting why you are the ideal candidate for this scholarship. Write an essay on the topic "Navigating the Landscape of Digital Media. "Provide details of your academic course of your grade transcripts. Compile the aforementioned documents on Google Docs and share the link to the email address provided below.

Email for submissions: scholarship@theshortmedia.com

TikTok Influencer Marketing


We create Full Funnel marketing strategies for ambitious brand and execute them on TikTok. We are here to ensure your brand is able to leverage the full potential of TikTok.

Our core team combines creativity, technology, concept, stories and data into a strategic plan. We make things happen from building the brand's organic following to getting conversations like sales and app installs.

We create and launch the campaigns at the highest level. All our TikTok expertise from different markets and industries is combined to form a fail-proof custom solution.



Our campaign specialists have a deep-rooted passion for data-driven optimization.

We collect, organize, analyze and enrich data. We make data connection and make use of marketing automation, AI, predictive analytics, stitch it with TikToks Ads Algorithm to get the best results.

We make the customer journey visual and form different attribution models to make decisions about budget, content and campaign settings.

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We help to get brands moving with branding, awareness, sales, loyalty, engagement, lead generation, ROI driven conversion campaigns on TikTok.

Goal are achieved through growth hacking, smart bidding and custom campaign solutions.

With our real-time dashboard, a clear overview of all data insights can be seen and compared at any time.

Our ultimate goal: High ROI performance driven marketing campaigns on TikTok Ads.

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We are a digital marketing company with expertise on scaling businesses on TikTok across all industries

Work Flow


Strategy & Planning

Creation & Data Connections

Launch & Monitoring

Optimization & Insights